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To use a phone card you dial the access number (local or toll free) and the call is answered by an automated service. At the prompt you enter your calling card pin (if not using pinless dialing). The balance on the calling card is usually announced at this point. Finally you dial the destination number.

Rates Per Minute
The calling card rate is the rate you pay for every minute of phone card calling time.

Local Access Number Rate Per Minute
The lowest rates per minute are offered for local access numbers but local access numbers are only available in a limited number of areas. These areas vary from calling card to calling card. Click on the phone card images to visit the calling card site and find out where the lower local rates apply. Most of the cards on Time Dial have local access numbers for pretty much anywhere in the US. For other countries local access numbers are typically limited to capital and very major cities. Note you still have to pay for the local call through your regular phone service provider.

Toll Free Access Number Rate Per Minute
Toll free rates are availible nationwide and it is free to call toll free access numbers from a landline. You will however be charged a higher rate per minute on the phone card. Note that toll free numbers are not always free from a cell phone.

Payphone Rate
The third phone card rate is the payphone rate this is charged when calling FROM a payphone and is usually higher than the calling card's toll free rate. Note that phone cards usually have a payphone rate or charge a payphone fee not both. If there is no payphone rate the local or toll free rate per minute is charged accordingly.

Connection Fee
The phone card connection fee is charged to the calling card's balance every time a call is made.

Maintenance Fee
The phone card maintenance fee is charged to the calling card after the first call is made and then is repeated according to the given time period (monthly, weekly, daily etc). All the calling cards on this site charge the maintenance fee (if there is one) to the phone card's balance if funds are availible however some phone card sites charge the maintenance fee to the users bank account whether the card is used or not.

Payphone Fee
The phone card payphone fee is charged to the calling card's balance every time a call is made from a payphone. Note that phone cards usually have a payphone rate or charge a payphone fee not both.

The phone card's calling time is rounded up to a given unit of time then the calling card is charged for this time. Note that Time Dial estimates rounding costs in the the total cost calculation by assuming that on average the the call will be rounded up by half of the rounding period. For a card with 2 minute rounding the average rounding is assumed to be 1 minute.

Some phone cards have an expiry date. If the expiry date shows as never expiring please note that sometimes you still have to recharge every six months or so to keep cards active.

Taxes sometimes exist on phone cards which are charged as a percentage of the call cost. The connection fee etc is not included in the calculation, taxes are just charged on the rate multiplied by calling time.

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