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Cheap Calls and Foreign Currency Price Comparison Tools

Compare Foreign Currency Cards (MOVED)
Foreign currency cards are often the cheapest, most convenient and secure way to take money abroad. Click here to visit our other site Spondulix as this tool has now moved there.
Compare Phone Cards
Phone cards are used to save money on internatioal calls. Calls are very cheap for most countries and it's easy to keep track of what you're spending. With advances such as smartphone auto dialer apps, phone cards are now simple to use too. You no longer have to type pin numbers etc.
Compare VoIP
VoIP companies like Skype can be used to make calls from a computer or can replace your land-line. You get free calls to others using the same VoIP company. VoIP can be one of the biggest savers with many technical options. Another benefit is that the call cost is the same wherever you call from.

World Time, International Dialing and Area Code Tools

Time Difference Calculator
This is our most popular tool. It's for lazy people like us who just want time conversions to be simple without having to do any in head calculations. Just enter the time for one location to find out the time in another.
World Time, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes
This is a dashboard with a world time zone ticking clock and a tool which displays the correct way to dial from one location to another.
World Time Zone Dashboard
A tool for viewing up to nine contacts current times around the world. You can create custom colors and styles for the clocks. Find out what time it will be in all locations if you're planning a meeting for example.
Tools for Your Site
Make use of the data collected by us with a free, easy to use tool on your website. Currently we only have one tool. It enables your users to contact you easily. At a minimum it shows the user's and your current time. You can add phone numbers and opening times.

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