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Cheap Calls, World Time Zones, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes Cheap Calls, World Time Zones, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes


Place this widget on your website to help customers contact you.

Time Dial. Help making cheap calls.

  • Accurate ticking clock for both the company's time zone and the user's
  • Display your opening hours clearly with the corresponding times for the user
  • Open or closed now label
  • Multiple phone numbers displayed with the correct international or national prefixes
  • Choose the size of the widget
  • Disable unwanted features (makes it more compact)
  • Style it using CSS
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Time Dial. Help making cheap calls.

Copy and Paste the Following Code from the Box

If you want to alter the look of the widget you can change the css styles. Here's a link to the stylesheet for reference. You will have to add your styles after the point you enter the widget code.

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