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Cheap Calls, World Time Zones, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes Cheap Calls, World Time Zones, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes


Buying a international sim card just for use whilst in foreign countries can save you up to 85% in call costs. Using your cell phone in a foreign country is expensive due to roaming charges. A phone card is no good as you still pay the roaming fees. To get round this there are several companies offering internatioanal sim cards purely for travel. You can buy a roaming or global sim card for use in many countries. You will have to have a different phone number for the trip. You can take two phones with you and divert calls to the handset containing your roaming sim card - you will not pay roaming charges for call diverts.

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Most expensive. I want it to just work.
Cheapest. With some roaming sim card companies the rate depends on which network you are roaming with. To get the cheapest rates you can manually select a single network in your phone's settings (instead of automatic) but you may not have the best coverage.
Split the difference (similar to average).
Estimated Number of Incoming Calls to the International Sim Card for Period
Estimated Average Calling Time Per Call for Incoming Calls Hours  Minutes
Estimated Number of Outgoing Calls from the International Sim Card for Period
Estimated Average Calling Time Per Call for Outgoing Calls Hours  Minutes
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Estimated Number of Text Messages You Will Send from the International Sim Card During Period
Estimated Number of Text Messages You Will Receive on the International Sim Card During Period
Estimated Internet Usage in MB on the International Sim Card During Period (it's usually best to do a search without internet specified as it can be stupidly expensive compared to calls) Internet Usage Info Rollover
To help judge how big a megabyte is use the following examples. Our homepage is about 0.025 MB (the current page is about the same size). Be careful of webpages that have high definition pictures or Flash or Silverlight etc they can be 1 MB or more. An email is about 0.05 MB. An MP3 music file is about 4 MB. eBooks are usually between 0.5 and 4 MB. A 10 minute video can vary alot in size but 30 MB is a rough estimate.

Note that 1 MB is 8 time larger that 1 Mb (Lowercase b in this case means bit and uppercase B means byte).

If you have a smartphone it's highly recommended you get a data counter app to monitor internet usage when you travel.
Incoming Calls and Text Number for the International Sim Card Global USA

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Rates and fees updated May 2015.

Please note that when the expiration says never expiring you may still need to top up your credit every 12 months or so to keep the credit you have paid for.

One way you can keep your home mobile number and still use a roaming sim card when abroad is by using online incoming numbers. You can forward calls from your home mobile or landline to your incoming number and forward from your incoming number to your mobile abroad at low international rates. To find out more do a search on Time Dial's VoIP comparison tool setting it for no outgoing calls just incoming. You can take your home mobile with you or leave it at home it will not make any difference to the cost as call forwarding occurs at the network the incoming call signal will never reach your home mobile. If you want help with this then please contact us.

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