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Cheap Calls, World Time Zones, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes Cheap Calls, World Time Zones, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes




International dialing codes are split in to 3 parts; International Prefix, Country Code and National Prefix (or Trunk Prefix). These parts are shown in the diagram below as on the site. Hover over the numbers above to see which international dialing code part they belong to.

International Prefix
The International Prefix is the international dialing code part used to dial out to a foreign country. It tells the telephone network it is making an international call. For a single country the International Prefix is the same no matter which foreign Country Code is dialed. If the phone has a plus symbol this can be dialed instead of the International Prefix in most but not all cases.

Country Codes
The Country Code follows the International Prefix. It is the international dialing code part that identifies the foreign country to connect to.

National Prefix (or Trunk Prefix)
The National Prefix is the dialing code part used when dialing a national number. This is removed when dialing from a foreign country and is therefore crossed out in the diagram below. The City Code or Area Code follows the National Prefix but the National Prefix and Area Codes are usually displayed together when people write their telephone numbers down.

Area Codes
Area Codes or City Codes are dialed before the local number.

International Dialing Codes Explanation


Below the current time displayed on the site the world time zone is identified as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which for our purposes is the same as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The world time zone GMT +12:30 for example means GMT plus 12 hours and 30 minutes. If the location uses daylight saving rules then the adjustment will be shown following the initials DST, this is displayed crossed out during the winter. To calculate the time difference between two world time zones use the time difference calculator.

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