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VoIP or Voice Over IP is a technology that allows you to make calls over the internet rather than a phone line (you can use a normal phone handset with an adapter provided by the VoIP supplier). VoIP phone call quality is often just as good as regular phones but it is much cheaper with more technical options for handling calls.

VoIP is probably the biggest money saving and most user friendly way of making cheap calls. It's taken us a lot of work, but now you can choose the best VoIP plan for your requirements without having to do any research. There are other sites that attempt this but none that calculate the cost of calling (the others just state the monthly cost of the VoIP plans). There is no other VoIP service like this.

VoIP can be used to replace your existing home phone plan or just to make those expensive calls. The more you use VoIP the more you save, usually even for domestic calls. Some plans like Skype are meant mainly for making calls from a PC (using a headset for example). Some plans are used solely from a normal phone handset plugged into an internet connection at home or while you are on the move. Simply answer the questions below stating how you would most like to use VoIP then click "Find Cheap VoIP Deals".

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If your a business user with multiple extensions it may be worth a scroll down to phone.com's offering of unlimited free extensions on the same plan.

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